The Randominov Legacy 1.9

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Note from the author: Another update! So Soon!! AGAIN!! In this update with the Randominovs we get to see a lot, a lot, a lot of… aaaaaaaaaaaaargh. Just stay tune!! Objectives for this update: To have coco finally give up … Continue reading

The Randominov Legacy 1.8

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Craig — The Party Boy

I tumbled upon a contest for a story. The details are as follows: Simmer Desirae – or otherwise known as leigt – has written a story of a group of 8 teens titled Adolescence. She wants other simmers to enter a teen sim for her characters and for that she has provided us with a list of all the main characters and a brief bio.


Because the contest ends in two days (August 9th) and only two people have created a Craig, I decided that my tormented teen will be him and so I have made a Craig according to her bio and my twisted-thorny-mind. Teehee. Nah, Im not that bad. I just like to talk BEEP… moving on, here are pictures of Craig and his “wtf” attitude since he is a party boy and likes ecstasy.

I figured he would be someone more or less on the edge. I never did drugs when younger (now Im too old to even start trying) so I have no clue what it feels like, and I know there isn’t necessarily a stereotype, anyone can be anyone, that is so true… *sigh* BUT! I think – after reading Craig’s mini-bio – that he is a boy with a lot of internal problems since his father left him and his mother when he was 10. He barely makes it to school, and parties all night. Pretty dark and empty life, I would say. No offense to those going through this right now, all I can say is that I was a teen once with lots of problems myself, and nope, just because I didn’t do drugs doesn’t mean I didn’t have a hard time through high school, or my teen years. Nway… I don’t want to lecture anyone, I do love my Craig and I don’t care if he does drugs and parties and does not care about school and pretty much anything else… that’s right, what do you care about Craig?


I was listening to “SAIL” from Awolnation when I created him, so here it goes nothing:



For Craig I used this skin: ADAM SKIN v0.5 by Nika


Different Breed

His seductive and intense stare was achieved with this eyes: Eyes N60 by Tifa

His eyebrows are the best! Ever since I found it on Jasumi’s blog, I use this eyebrows a lot: XM Sims 3


If Craig, my Craig, does not win, then I will update this post for download for all of you to have him if you wish ^ ^

Meanwhile, I do hope he wins!

โค Becca


The Randominov Legeacy 1.5

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And we come back once more to another moment with BORIS. For those just meeting Ivan for the first time, if you wish to catch up you can start by clicking the Random Challenge link under my Challanges/Stories page up … Continue reading