Milkshape and Happiness…

Or viruses and losing all your files and everything you have ever worked for in your life?? … in your simming life.
I think I’ll stick to downloading poses from other people… on a lighter note, today I learned how to get my files ready for pose making, however the dork that I am had no clue I was missing one very important program. The actual program to create the poses: Milkshape.

So, what do you do when you are faced with this problem? (minor problem) you go to google and look the damn thing up. Only that, unlike the infinite amount of CC that is out there, Milkshape is not FREE and if it is, there is always the looming thread of a infestation of viruses… poor comp was barely making it through my CC obsession when I added, and added, and added and made a folder that should be no more than 2.0 GB into a 4.0 GB :O am I a dummy and this is normal or is it real that I have a CC obsession? I have no idea. Meanwhile I’ll rather not play with my comp, she is fierce, she will SHUT ME DOWN!! -_-

Either way, until I get my hands on Milkshape, I will not be attempting to make poses making poses.

But this tutorial is so freaking awesome I thought I should share it with all of you. Perhaps a bit too late for some, but I like to think that like me, there are still those simmers that have no idea what’s going on…

Poses: Beginner