Project — Hair Intervention

I’m so sick of my messy files!!!

Even though I have labeled each and every one of the files, by hair, by creator, etc… ugh! I still don’t know which I hair I used for the sim and so on. I also hate it when I install a hair in my game, then go in game and don’t like the hair and end up not knowing where it is in my CC folders or my MODS folder.

It is too late by the time I realize I have to re-organize my CC folders. I feel like exterminating a certain object…


luckily I don’t have the strength to start all over again from scratch, so I leave my comp alone; she needs her space and I need mine. Then, I re-think my strategy, and I know is time for an intervention. I need to delete all my CC hair files and download them again into a more organized folder.

._________.  I have no idea if it is that I’m OCD or if I preferred playing with the Sims 3 files instead of the actual sims. Ooooor… if I just don’t know what else to do with my time, which by the way there are tons of things I should be doing instead; like studying.


Playing Marcel

Gah! Spent the whole day playing sims with Edmundo Marcel, my new obsession LOL.

Well here are some pics I took in game; in short: got him a nice loft in Bridgeport (Ill share the link later) a job at the police force, tried to make some friends but not really good at it -__-

Finally got him a pet because the lonely nights were starting to tick me off. :p

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UPDATE — The apartment I’m using can be found here: MISSIMIS


Annabelle Mellark — A Sims 3 Legacy Story

First story for the thornheartssims will be a legacy as the title of this post says :3

Here is a picture of the simmie I will be playing:


Annabelle Mellark

To make things a bit easier, I have come up with a base family and a background family as well. Just so that my base sim doesn’t start the story with no background. I thought it would be as interesting to find out who her parents are; grandparents; great-grandparents, etc.

In the next post I will be posting pictures of the family tree with names and a bit of information on the people behind the picture in hopes that no one gets confuse when reading the story later on, but I guess that will be a hard job to accomplish when you have cousins marrying 3rd and 5th cousins. LOL.

Hoping you all like it 🙂

Thank you for reading!