DasmX86Dll.dll not found 4.27.13

My game has been crashing every month.

This time though it is not because of High End Loft, although that problem was not solved by patching up. I think in order to solve that problem I will have to do the most dreaded thing of all: uninstall and install. So that I may do all the patching correctly and all, so that if crashes again because of High End Loft I can simply say it is not my game but that stupid SP.


Now, to the problem at hand.

I have to say, thinking of fate, the universe, and just plain and simple LIFE, this game hates me and just doesn’t want me to play at all; lets not even mention the legacy folders I have all over the place with the corresponding CC and so on… those folders are messy enough to not even want to deal with them… blah, to fully understand what I just blab about… lets not even go there okay.

So my game crashed because of the file Dasm not found and when running crash-analyzer it explains this is a lack of memory issue.

After two hours of searching for answers, I have come to the conclusion that I need either more RAM ( currently I have 4GB, but this particualr folder has 3GB) or I need to clean my comp of shit I have in it, and rid myself of the obsession of CC.

CC is not YOUR FRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!! We love it, we want all, everything we see… ALL. But in reality it is not our friend and it will mess our game up one way or the other.

Plus the freaking montevista world takes about half the space you need … pft.

Yeah, needless to say the story will have to wait for a bit more. I was in the process of taking my pictures for the 3rd chapter!! I’ll try my best to get up before the year ends.


Sorry my friends,