Alright so it gets tiring to add the sliders every time I post a sim for download, specially since I don’t always use all the sliders.

So I decided to add a page and post all the sliders I work with despite of what I do use for each sims. Good to know is that some times I have been able to upload my own sims created with sliders into a save in which I don’t have the sliders and the sim uploads just fine, I think the most important thing for it to look the same is having the right skin the sim was created with. The skin IS EVERYTHING!!





(The original download link for Ahmad facial sliders was taken down. But if you do a search you will find the link flowing around in some site; a simmer was nice enough to upload it)

UPDATE — I found the link to the Ahmad sliders. I hope it works for you guys!!

UPDATE (8/12/2013) — The link to the website for the Ahmad sliders I found directs to a suspended account. It seems the author of the website stopped blogging, sorry guys. I’ll keep looking for it.


Never mind all I said, blah, blah… updates, and whatnot… here I have uploaded all the sliders I use at present. If I come across any new ones Ill will add a new link for the updated folder. I will keep all the names (with their links) to the creators of these sliders so that no one accuses me of uploading their work and not giving credit. I’m doing this because sites get suspended, and people stop playing sims at one point, and links get lost… not trying to take any credit for these mods.


Also if you find yourself in a bind as to how many sliders to use in your game because of the lack of lots available for the sliders, here is a link to a mod that allows you to have plenty of lot space for all the sliders linked above and much more. I have NRaas and I had to get something that would be compatible with it, so this mod is perfect for that. Hope it helps! 🙂

XCAS by cmar


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