The Random House

Hi there fellow simmers,

Summer is fast approaching… well at least here in Florida. Yes, that’s right. That beautiful paradise full of water, sand, and alligators! Trust me they are everywhere.

So this time I have come to share pictures of the house I will be using for the second generation of The Randominovs, which will take place in Island Paradise during summer. Based on part of the roll which requires a change of scenery (meaning moving the family to another world) and also based on Rocco looking like a beach boy with that red hair and tan skin. He reminds me of California boys.

If you don’t believe me just look at that face,

faceIsn’t that face deserving of a paradise? And when we talk of paradise we talk of coconut trees in sandy beaches.

Anyway, let’s not deviate from our purpose here.

I got the original house from minasavenue, so it goes without saying that I won’t be putting this house up for download since it already is at her site – link has been provided below.

You can download the house at the creator’s site, here.


Of course the original house doesn’t look like this. I have remodeled the entire thing except from the basic structure. I changed guest bathroom into laundry room, did open kitchen plan, changed the stairs leading to the second floor, and the floridaroom was converted into an open porch. Phew, that was a lot of work, but it paid off.

Let’s take a look!

1The shots were taken in Sunlit Tides, but that isn’t important.

2Front porch.

3And we are inside. The stairs lead to the second floor (obviously. Why do I keep stating the facts?) One thing I noticed is the house is a bit dark inside.

4Dinning. Viewed from foyer area.

5Right of the dinning room is the living room, or reading haven. Whichever makes you happier.

6Ah! Some light. As you can see the open floor plan is the best thing anyone could come up with.

7Kitchen viewed from dinning. Yep, I love how things look framed.

8Here is a broader look for your convenience.

9The back porch which in the original house was just this bit here, and the rest was a florida room/sun room/covered porch… whatever.

10Now is open and bright!

11I would so take naps on that couch.

13The master bedroom. It has a mini office for decoration purposes only as the chair is not usable.

12I must say, without blowing my own horn really, this bedroom is a coastal dream. It is by far, my favorite bedroom out of all the ones I have decorated.

14What that sign says!

15The master bathroom has a more rustic feel to it, but it’s reminiscent of old coastal houses.

16I would prefer thicker curtains but the sims won’t mind.


18On the second floor we have a reading nook (the official one)


20And the family room. With more books. What can I say? I love decorating with bookcases.

21The girl’s room.

22A sharing bathroom, also the guest bathroom since I took the original tiny one and made it into a laundry room (which picture I do not show on this post. Odd, no?)

23The boy’s room, and perhaps future heir to my third generation of Randominovs.

24I just love how cozy his bed is.

And this is it! I’ll see you next time with family photos of the Randominovs. Can’t help myself. ^.^


Thanks for reading me,


P.S. If you want info on any of the items on this house please don’t be shy to ask me on a comment bellow. ^ ^

Breakpoint Crashes – Not a Problem

(If you find yourself reading this because you have an actual breakpoint problem with your game, I hope you fully read this post without getting impatient. I like to talk a lot)


Ever since I started playing again I have been experiencing crashes (You can tell the difference between an experienced sims player and a newbie by the kind of effect having a game crash causes on them. lol. Seriously, I’m like “it’s all good”) Anyway, the main reason why I have been having crashes is because of the world I’m playing. Yep. I learned routing problems can cause a crash and there is nothing you can do about it other than prevent routing problems. How? Well, I wasn’t using the Debugenabler and Errortrap mods from nRaas on this particular save and once I put them in the game the crashes stopped happening from a 70% chance to a 5% chance. So that’s one way to stop your routing crashes. — Now, this post on crashes is not to report on routing crashes but I have deviated from the main subject as I always do. Sorry ’bout that.

I was playing perfectly happy this morning, went to work, came back and BOOM, the game crashed. It read like this:

address: 0x0058dbf6 “E:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\The Sims 3\Game\Bin\TS3W.exe”:0x0001:0x0018cbf6

So knowing google is my friend I naturally did a search for it and found this:


What’s hilarious (and kinda scary) is that the person with the crashing problem on this site is no other than me. Yep. Your one and only. True story: if you every see a screen name with JADEEYES anywhere or just JADEEYES, well that would be me… 99% of the time. Now, after reading my poor attempt at trying to ask for help and solving the problem I tried playing the game once more, suspecting I had corrupted the ‘save’ file – because let’s face it, if breakpoint meant I have a corrupted installation the game would have been crashing long time ago with this particular problem, like right after doing my reinstall sometime in 2014, so it’s safe to assume that whatever is corrupted happened right before I clicked that beautiful blue arrow symbol on my launcher, and that it is most likely (100% positive) caused by me. It crashed again. Fearing losing all my progress on this generation 2 of Randominovs, I was already about to cry (yeah, wasn’t feeling like an expert then) when I thought of doing something which I have to say I feel so proud because I would’ve never thought of that before. Am I getting smarter? BAH.

Okay, so I right-clicked on the folder The Sims 3 and clicked on ‘restore previous version’, it showed me two late versions of this game from last week; I picked the closest to the present version being one day ago and went with that. The game ran perfect, no crashes. Problem solved. Sure I lost an entire day of gaming (which I had accomplished a lot) But hey! That’s better than losing the entire generation. And now I’m going to sleep because I have spent my gaming time fixing this crash which I provoked myself by deleting the ‘backup’ folder of the save. Yeah I do that… dumb.

P.S. If by any reason restoring previous version of the The Sims 3 folder doesn’t work, or creating a backup folder for a corrupted save folder (which is another thing I could have done) doesn’t work either, and it is in fact a corrupted installation – in which case you would have to uninstall and reinstall the game… sorry buddy – you can read this thread which talks about the same problem and provides another alternative to solving the issue: Sims 3 seasons stops working with additional issues

Happy simming!