Initially the idea was to post credits now and then. I was going to make a list of the CC I use for certain stories and post it with pictures of the characters, etc… too much work… I’m lazy.
Soooo… this is what it comes down to. A page with all the sites I ever go to for CC. I will categorize them so that you know what I look for in each site. You can be sure I use most of these creators for all my stories, just not the same CC always.

I’m still adding creators and links, so, if you see your CC in my stories or downloads, and is not listed is because I haven’t gotten to it yet but I will. Same goes for if you see something you like and is not listed yet, or is listed but you have no idea where is from (it happens lol) ask me. 😉

One of the main sites I frequent is TS3 (The Sims Resource). The top creators I use are:  Pralinesims; GOSIK; ShojoAngel; Ilikemusic. But there are tons of other creators I use as well, especially furniture and decor items.

I have also gotten some stuff from Mod The Sims.



  • Shock&Shame
  • I Like The Sims
  • Sjoko
  • beaverhausenx
  • Cazy
  • Eternila
  • Anubis
  • Fanaskher
  • sunpi
  • Iggysaurus
  • peggyzone
  • Simmingwithsirens
  • ginko
  • JS Sims 3
  • Aikea Guinea
  • Procrasimnation
  • Lapiz Lazuli
  • Raon
  • Newsea
  • APHRODITE — Eyebrows
  • elixis — Eyebrows
  • Ephemera (WEAK) — Eyebrows
  • Kosmo — Eyebrows
  • yunghsiao — Eyebrows
  • Jasumi — Stubble
  • let them eat burnt waffles — teen brow conversion
  • ctenid






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