Matthew Romo

Hello friends!

I have been trying to update my stories, and publishing some chapters for the Thornheart Legacy. While doing that I fell in love all over again with Matt (Matthew Romo, Jade’s past love).

When I created this sim I had no idea I would love him this much. Honestly, I created Matthew from a townie in University and I don’t have pictures of this townie anymore to show you the big difference. I also had no clue I would make him this handsome… I was just trying to keep the basics while altering the look.

My favorite things are his eyes; lips, and skin color. I LOVE the contrast in him.

Okay, enough sounding like a creep… I mean, who the hell falls in love with a sim?? Right?

These are some pictures I took in the middle of playing while I was deciding on his new look for his reappearance in Jade’s life.

One and only thing I changed was the color of his eyes. I played with this sim for months and didn’t realize his eyes are light green, and I was imagining yellowish. So I changed that.

He is like the Byronic Hero I have always imagine while reading Austen, Bronte, Holt, you name it.

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