It is said, Xanadu might refer to the name of a Chinese city which is mentioned a lot on a poem by Samuel Taylor Coleridge as “Shangdu”. The poem is titled “A Vision in a Dream.”

I read a book once that was titled Xanadu and although it had nothing to do with re-birth (or did it? Can’t remember…) I always thought of re-birth, or things that are pure whenever I heard the name Xanadu. So here is my interpretation of that name. And yes I used Ji Sang for it…. and also because the minute I saw 77’s new poses for sims 3 I HAD TO DO IT!!!

Please forgive my poor editing skills, I tried my hardest. <— *and she thinks that makes it alright*



Behold The Evils of … Repo Man!! :O

While shooting a scene for chapter 4 with Jensen and Patricia and Tommy, (oh my that sounds rather professional, teehee) Repo Man came to the Flowershop and this is what happened to the rest of the “actors” lol!



Screenshot-43“I shall take whatever is of my desire!!”

Screenshot-41“Oh man I hope he doesn’t take my time machine.”

“Did you hide it well Jourdan?”

“I hid it… wait, where did I hid it?”

Screenshot-44While I still don’t know what the Repo Man took, and Jourdan’s time machine is no where to be found… pft; I have been so disappointed with myself… this chapter has been the hardest one to put together, in all sense!



I was browsing today trough My Sims 3 Blog and found this,



Well, I can think of more than a few things I would totally love this for; but the arm twirling and the jumping on bodies is disturbing to say the least… What is this?? I enjoyed it though, and have to say the creators that come up with this kind of thing are just amazing. I couldn’t even do a signature banner for The Sims 3 forums about an hour ago :p