Bad Boy SIMS 4

There is this one Sim I created for SIMS 3 which others found to be super hot, for some odd reason… I did think that particular Sim to be “my most gorgeous male sim” <– that was my exact phrasing. ( I know because I copy pasted)

Of course, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. And I also said this then, but I always say this because… well, I feel although there is an universal truth, beauty is shallow, and shallow doesn’t equal truth. So there ya go… that’s my philosophical thought for the night.

I felt like I should honor Edmundo Marcel (that’s his name btw) and re-create him in the SIMS 4. Of course, I still think the SIMS 3 version is the best, because he had everything I truly enjoyed from CAS for males: the hair from CAZY which was my favorite; the body hair which in SIMS 4 I cant seem to find a way to make it work; the poses from IMHO; and he was created after a real hottie… but I won’t tell who it is. ๐Ÿ˜›

Click HERE to see that post from the past and the original Edmundo Marcel

I thought of sharing the same song from the original post “Bad Boy” by BIG BANG but I’m not in the Korean pop mood; I’m more into the rock mood of the 70s and 80s and so I bring you QUEEN’s “Somebody To Love” to make it fun. Enjoy

Edmundo Marcel for SIMS 4:

For this version I skipped the freckles and moles, because…
This Edmundo is Alluring and his ambition in live is to find his one true love. But don’t tell him I told you. He likes to play it down. You know… keep his rep of “Bad Boy”.
All CC is in file. All creators are mentioned below. All links can be found in the CC FIND on the top menu.
He is also hotheaded; ambitious; and a goofball.


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First Notes of the Month

Hello simmers!!!

I just wanted to come here and express my concern for the world.

Things are very serious and, although there are some crazy people not caring about this spring-breakers the truth is we should all care about our community. Our elders and the weak who are sick with chronic illnesses that won’t be able to fight this ugly virus as well as any healthy person.

I hope you all stay home where is safe! Playing SIMS… YES!!

Allowing the creative juices to flow and overwhelm you with so much power to create… okay I can stop being crazy now.



What She is Wearing – March.1

Hello simmers!

Today I want to share some of the CC I have in game for CAS. I figure I could do one of these posts at least twice a month and it will help me with updating my CC FINDS page. ;P

Here we go:

Last time I used my Simself; this time I am using Mikaela Won and she is up for download if you like her!

Mikaela is the granddaughter of Thornhearts Legacy founder Jade Thornheart and she is a mixed-race sim.

*Mikaela brings more CC than shown in pictures. All the artists will be listed below and links provided in the CC FINDS page on the top Menu. Thank you!


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Jensen and the Ghost of Jourdan for SIMS 4

Hello friends! When I was playing Sims 3 I started a challenge titled: 6 Degrees of Separation, which consisted of writing six stories that would all linked by a character of the previous story, but that character could only make … Continue reading