Updates on the Thorn


Here you will find everything I do with The Sims 3. From legacies to challenges to short stories to downloads to many random stuff all related one way or another to the wonderful world of The Sims.

Check out the Gallery page for gratuitous eye-candy, and the Credit page to find links of all the creators I use for my sims ^ ^

Hope you guys like what I do, and don’t be shy to drop me some lines, I love sharing what I create and meeting new people.

❤ Becca


You can also contact me on my Facebook page linked on the right. 😉


Update status on my stories:

  • Jensen & the Ghost of Jourdan — Last post on May 8, 2014 (will come back on January of 2015)
  • Annabelle Mellark (1st Story of Mellark Legacy) — Chapter 7 will be published on January of 2015
  • Randominov Legacy — Last chapter of Gen1 January 1, 2014 (will come back on the summer of 2015)

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