On this Lonely Night

I would usually cuddle in my couch and watch romcoms when I’m feeling blue, but instead I’m pushing myself to work on my sim “projects”… my hobby is demanding.

While creating my SAVE file for the story “Jensen and the Ghost of Jourdan” for SIMS 4, I found that sims are still funny and have a will of their own just like in SIMS 3 when I used to struggle with getting them to remain still while setting up the scenario for the pictures.

The minute I placed them in the lot they went straight for the popcorn machine… how are they so cute like that? Maybe is just that Maxwell is cute regardless what he is doing.

The evils of makeup

And this one scared me a bit… I had forgotten to apply her makeup for all outfits; after looking at her for a few seconds she didn’t scare me all that much.

Ha! Whatever we complain about SIMS 4 or 5 when it gets here, one thing remains… sims put a smile on our face.



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