First Note of April

Hello simmer friends!!

Hope this quarantine times aren’t taking a toll on you. If you are in a country in which you are allowed to go about your daily life like usual, still, stay safe. Keep in mind awareness is what will help us kick this ugly thing into the nothingness… and now, for what I came to share with all of you:

I have been working on the build for this month already. It is a suburban house, tropical style. Yes, it doesn’t have palm trees because I don’t like those, but it is based on a real house (my house) in the tropical, beautiful Florida.

Here are some pictures to get you interested…

My house doesn’t have the color pallet I am using here, but it does have the style and the decor is very similar.
Hopefully, it will be up for download in less than a week!! I do have to work you guys ;P



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