Welcome Back… and Welcome!

Hello fellow Simmers!!

Simmers 4, simmers 3, and… simmers 2 what the heck? At this point all simmers are welcome. Not that they never were.

Here I am again, attempting to relive a part of my life that I enjoyed so, so very much. Simming. I loved simming, and all that comes with it. I wrote stories; played legacy challenge; built houses and flower shops;  took many unnecessary pictures of the beautiful scenery in the sims game… etc. I did all this mostly with Sims 3 game. I can’t remember if I ever had a blog with Sims 2, but I did played Sims 2 and Sims 1 – the roaches, ew.

Unfortunately for this blog and its readers I quit playing sometime during 2015. I believe. Tried to make a come back 2016… or was it 17? Failed. Life happens. I became a mother, and that was all for me. Why? Does it sound too cliche? Too archaic? Motherhood is underrated. But I’m not here to talk about motherhood.

Let’s talk about coming back to the Sims with Sims 4, possibly late to the party as talks about Sims 5 cloud the air and everyone is going into a panic already. But to be frank, Sims 4 – the game I said I would NEVER play – is really a good game. And I’m just glad to be back simming.

In this blog full of all my Sims 3, I will continue to post Sims stories; legacy challenges; builds; and many unnecessary pictures of the beautiful scenery in the sims worlds. What can I say? I’m sucker for those.

I wish that you would come and join me in this journey. Maybe you used to enjoy my stories before… sorry I never finished them. Typical of a procrastinator like myself. Hey! At least I admit it. And now I will go and hid under the blankets… in shame.

Welcome back… and, Welcome to another adventure with Becca and the Thornhearts!

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