First Note of the YEAR!!

Yay! And happy New Year to all *blows kisses*

Okay so I am usually this friendly, although I have no clue if I have shown this side of me since I started this blog. But I guess we all have different things to show as time goes by.

For my first post of the year, and well, first note as well, I want to inform you of all the things I’m going to be doing for this year. I know I can’t really set on paper my goals because for some strange reason once I do I don’t accomplish them. Very strange. Wish I could be examined on that. I mean, by a doctor… well anyway, this year I’m trying to change all that stigma. I’m also very bad with money and that is something I’m not proud of but, what the heck.

So this year I will change many things about me that I’m not happy with and I think are interfering with my success… *coughs* *coughs* the first one being a procrastinator. But enough about me and lets move on to what I will be working on:

  • Jensen and the Ghost of Jourdan
  • The Mellarks: Annabelle Mellark
  • The Randominov Legacy
  • My World (currently without a name)
  • Finish linking my creators page
  • Lots — Uploading The Flower Shop among others, ^ ^
  • Sims

And that’s about it. Phew. Now, lets get to work…

Happy simming all!!



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