Summer Over Yet?

Sorry but it has been really hot this summer. Global warming? I don’t know. I have always been a bit skeptic about that whole thing, although I am aware of the ice melting and ocean levels rising, and well… let’s get to the stuff I came here to discuss. And it’s not the weather.

I have been very absent, more than usual. There were many changes happening in my life all at once. Some were happy, some were sad. But here I am again to make your life thorny.

I guess the first news should be the happy one. I got married after 6 long years of dating and living together. Married life does feel different in the sense that as a person, you are no longer free to make decisions that will only affect you. Everything I decide from here on will affect not only me, but the person living with me and sharing his life with me. So it is pretty scary when you look at it that way. There is a lot of responsibility in that. But as long as there is the desire to be responsible for it, I guess nothing else matters much.

The Sims 4 Demo is out, for all to use and I particularly think that’s a good thing because it will give gamers the benefit of deciding whether or not to buy this game now, later, or never. I have played the demo and I have to say it’s really hard to get the sims to look like how you want them. I just attempted to make my simself, and it was a disaster. Adding to that there will be no babies, pools, create a style, and open neighborhoods, I have decided to not purchase the game at the current price $70. Perhaps when it’s lowered, or bundled up with other EPs then I’ll think about it. I know many are already creating CC for it and I’m happy for those who bought the game for $70 because you want to get your money’s worth. Sadly, it won’t do with just EA, and even more sad is that the ones actually giving you something worth having in the game won’t get paid for it… but, that’s life.

I don’t plan on getting to the sad stuff because what for? No one wants to read depressing things that don’t matter to them anyway, right? So, I am back to simming. I will be updating this blog with the stories and downloads as usual, and I only hope that I still have readers around. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Thank you all for reading me.



3 thoughts on “Summer Over Yet?

    • Hello Marta.
      Glad that you are still around here! I think that I was so emotionally worn out after a few things that happened among the happy ones, that I have been so lifeless lately. I have all these things I wish to do, and feel inspired to do them but I just don’t seem to start anything.
      I still want to continue with the stories. Hope that I can produce an update some time soon. ๐Ÿ™‚
      Thank you for the hugs.
      I hug you back, and hope things are going great for you!! โค

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