Welcome Back

To me!! And lots and lots of love to all my simmer friends out there… hopefully you are still around to read me again. >.^   <— I bet my wink-y smile is not very effective.

Alright so I was in Oklahoma for three weeks total; I was taking a course in electricity for work – never in my life thought I would work with electricity. It’s all very interesting and truly the most amazing invention men could come up with for it is the power that drives our lives now – just about everything needs power to work and we cannot live without it… technically. I did super in class and now all I have to do is relax and enjoy the ride… hope I don’t die of electrocution. Yikes!

Nway, to what’s really important; the state of things in this crazy blog of mine:

I have come back with lots of passion to work on all the stories (the 2 stories) I have on this blog. I will be updating on both soon, can’t say exact day, but the plan is to get more than a few chapters ready for back to back updates. I also have another story/challenge of sorts… truth is I was going to start the 100 Baby Challenge, which was going to be The Radcliffe Family ( I did my xmas post with them), and then I was going to take back on the Random Challenge. However, the 100 Baby Challenge won’t be published any time soon because I lost motivation with that one. Good thing I never posted the first chapter and that way I don’t feel like I must continue with it. So, instead of The Radcliffe Family I will post a mini story of about 6 or 10 chapters. This story is like a reality TV show, so I call it The Sims Reality Show: Harem Challenge.

Wait for the introduction post to this mini story; other updates on Jensen & Jourdan, and The Mellarks.

Thank you all for reading me… I truly appreciate it.


2 thoughts on “Welcome Back

  1. Welcome back! You were duly missed :D.

    Wow, electricity? That sounds so exciting, I’m glad you did well. Now enjoy your rest :D.

    Looking forward to reading more of your stuff.


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