Writing Monogatary

Writing is the hardest thing in this world. Scratch that, not writing, but writing a novel; a science-fiction novel.

I have been writing a science-fiction novel for about 7 years now. At first it was just an idea, and I had written many dialogues that came to mind between the characters. Then it became a 5 chapters draft… to be continued. Then it all shattered. And then, it was born again as a 2 chapters draft. It has been that for at least 3 years now… can I be re-born? Maybe I can have 4 chapters by the time I reach my thirties again. ^.^

Today I was going through my drafts, and through the many dialogues I jumbled down thinking of one day using them but now they are just there… filed away somewhere in my laptop. Alright, filed away under My Documents.

Nina Jade and OZ (Oleg Zakharevich) are the main characters, and also Stephan -just Stephan for now. I created them as sims, of course… what else would you expect?


I have also done sketches of them; especially OZ; my OZ.


OZ is half Japanese half Russian. Don’t ask me. I have no obsessions with Asians whatsoever. It just happens to be that way for story purposes… alright so I do have an obsession with Japanese men and Russian names. A mild obsession. Very mild.

To my credit Nina is not Cuban. Oh yeah that’s right, I’m Cuban. Nina is… well, she is from the country the story takes place which is kinda a spoiler at this point since I haven’t given out details of that story. And probably won’t, until I can accept I will never finish it, and there will never be chances of it being published. Sad. I know.

I’ll just be content, for now, with spamming OZ and Nina all over this blog… you’ll see them in between updates.

โค Becca

2 thoughts on “Writing Monogatary

  1. Wow, you’re writing a novel? That’s so cool! Hopefully you’ll finish it someday :D.

    I love the sketch you made <3. His features really stand out, and there's a depth in his sight that I like.


    • Thank you Marta. And yes, I have been writing it for 7 years LOL… I know its a long time, but I have been told some people just take this long.
      Although I haven’t always been writing it, I put it down, pick it up; that kind of thing.

      It’s about a futuristic world and many other things that are just too long and difficult to explain in a comment. But I hope to one day be able to put some nice chapters together and share parts of them here. Hope. That is such a powerful word. ^.^


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