FULL RANT!! Nope… Bad Grandpa.

Don’t be alarmed! I’m not going to fucking swear.

I cannot make any progress with my schedule as I have it at the moment: get up go see dad then work; get home and go to sleep. On an alternate day: get up; cook/laundry/groceries (whichever. Sometimes all) then work; get home water plants, then sleep. I’m so tired every night when I get home its not even funny anymore. It’s sad. That is the right description. SAD.

I can’t get an effing break.

I need my life back!!! -_-

Sorry guys. I want to post all the promised chapters more than you all want to read them. I just hope I can get the chance to do it this month. At least one chapter… one effing chapter. *sigh*

Meanwhile this cracked me up (be advice that what you are about to watch is not proper content for children… because this rant was mild): BAD GRANDPA!!

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