Holy S***

Here I am looking for lots for my world and I find this really beautiful Gallery (which I was not going to add because the creator uses store content that has been decrapified… hey! Ever wonder why your game crashes so much after downloading that pretty house? No shit!) Anyway, her stuff is stunning and she uses a lot of details on her lots. I just love her work so much, I always end up on her blog when I find a pretty lot. See for yourself:


But here is the thing, she is making a world called Cottonwood Hills :Oย 

Do you think she would be upset if I upload one of her lots from her world to my world also called Cottonwood Hills? LMBO! <– yes, I just typed that on a blog post. :p


*goes off to change the name of her world*

Any ideas?

โค Becca

2 thoughts on “Holy S***

    • Hahahahahaha… Actually, Montigo Heights is not a bad name, and then I can have the Montigo family move over to the nicest and biggest penthouse in Downtown, and take over all the businesses, hence: “Montigo Heights” ๐Ÿ˜‰


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