Ollie and Rockets!

I just checked this new trailer for The Sims 4. It looks very much fun, I love the way we can customize our sims, which will probably mean no more custom sliders. Not to put the creators down or anything, because the creators of custom sliders for the sims 3 are wonderful and provided and continue to provide us with tools with which we can make our sims look beyond our expectations. But the idea of not adding sliders to the game sounds cool to me, it all means less CC into the game and more space for other things. I know I have had to deal with not having enough space for the game, and so on, so I’m looking forward to a game that has almost everything we need (at least all the basic things we need for sims creation) Hopefully it will bring features like the ones The Sims 3 has at the moment. I hope there aren’t any set backs. All in all, it looks like it will be fun to play. I’m sure I will be playing, but I will still wait for CC to be created, at least skins and eyes, some hairs… yep, I’m a CC junky. ^ ^

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