Last Note of July

Was there ever a note for this month? I can’t remember.

I just want to officially announce that for the month of August I will be MIA. My father is coming to visit from Cuba and I have the whole month schedule between work, and outings. I cannot wait! I’m excited.

On the other hand, I do plan on updating both The Mellark Legacy, and The Randominov Challenge. I don’t know which day I will be posting, but it will be before my father comes so that at least I leave things up to date. I do plan on the near future to make several updates on The Mellark Legacy, as I have not updated in more than a month and I feel like if I don’t make up for it, the story will lose momentum… eeeeeeeeeeeeeeh, it already lost it. *big sigh*

However, I still plan to continue that story as it is not a challenge but a legacy of a family, and the stories of some of it’s members. Hopefully it will reach a point in which it cannot go anywhere else but forward.


Thank you to all the readers that patiently (or not?) wait for my updates, and I hope you guys don’t go away.



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