So while I organize my game folder, and downloads and such things I was browsing through my photobucket and I found these pictures of an old sim I had in a modeling competition. She is so pretty. I still have her in my game, in fact, she is the great-great grandmother of a certain character in one of my stories ^ ^


These are the unedited pictures:



The finished touch!



And this is part of the first picture to win during the competition which sadly I did not finished all the way through because there was just so much drama going on with the judges and contestants… everyone practically had dropped out of the comp, and the remaining ones were just having issues. Then the comp with only 3 contestants was extended to 10 rounds… I was in the middle of finals, and whatnot. Too much to deal with.


Impersonating Effie Trinket, from the Hunger Games.

Let’s have a little fun, shall we? Do you guys wish me to upload her for download? Yes or No on the poll :p

Poll closes on Sunday night!

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