The Homeles Challenge Chapter 1

Wow I went visiting my old wordpress blog, which by the way was set to private, and I found my very first challenge!! I never finished it, its a shame because I think it had potential. Maybe I can start it up again with a new sim since it will be hard to get the same sim (it was back when I didn’t use CC)

Sims Stories by a Sim Addict

One of the first rules of the homeless challenge is NOT TO GIVE YOUR SIM A CAREER LIFETIME WISH… I broke that rule. Why? Not because I wanted to make the challenge easy for me, in fact, if I would not give my sim a career lifetime wish, or given the sim a career job even without it, my challenge would have been easier… longer, yes, but easier. There wouldn’t have been the danger of dying on a fire because the sim is passed out, or starving, or in serious need of a toilet, but… OH THE FLAMES MUST PUT OUT THE FLAMES!!! Yes, I gave my sim the lifetime wish of: Firefighter Hero. And the challenge was as hard as it could have been… Oh! For the love of sims, let’s get to the story:

So I made a sim and named her Sin Casa: No make up, no…

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