Homeless Challenge Chapter 2

Chapter 2 of the Homeless challenge.
I wish I had continued this thing… oh well. Maybe this can be my side story ^ ^
I wonder how I can go about it, from the very beginning or taking where I left off. Although, doing the latter will defeat the purpose of the challenge.

Sims Stories by a Sim Addict

After the uneventful day, Sin had gone to sleep thinking of the much-desired $20,000.

She had come to this town with the dream of making it big as a singer. Soon after arriving, her dream had disappeared; the lot where she had moved had cost her all of her savings, she didn’t have any money left to build a house, or get herself presentable clothes for auditions. Instead she was left homeless, and desperate… desperately looking for a rich man!

Sin… Sin!… Sin!!!! Time to wake up.

What? What’s all the ruckus? They are giving free food away somewhere? I’m still sleepy…


Im going to downtown to roam around for food and something to drink!

You know TC, it would be nice if the story moved along faster… I want to be in the limelight you know? I want to experience the hit, be in the middle of the…

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