Another NOTE???

The last one before I come back with the legacy chapter 3… promise!!

I just wanted to update a few things around the blog, but I haven’t been successful at that. On the other hand, I have learned that I suck at building houses, but never mind that…

Pretty soon (as in tomorrow or Friday) I will be posting the following:

. Chapter 3 of Annabelle Mellark Legacy

. Villa Hermosa for download (lots and lots of CC in it, but Ill be making a file for it no worries)
Some ideas that have been brewing in my head for some time include another story, but I’m not sure at the moment. Meanwhile I’m posting this painting I did in school for the Student Show, and which got me 2nd place in it. Nothing big but still, getting recognized for your work is the best thing ever.

The King's Crown

The King’s Crown
Ink, and acrylics on paper.

Not the best picture of the painting as it’s cutting off some trees on the upper left side, but nothing too big (I think it was one tree LOL). This painting was inspired by one of my ink drawings; it has the same concept of things morphing out of someone’s hair/head whatever, and it was a city as well. You could say this is a bigger, more ambitious representation of that drawing, because I added other symbolic things like a sunrise and the birds flying off… I just wish I could fly, and I’m not thinking of the Rkelly song!!

I’m also influenced by children fables and folklore tales from Russia and China. When I was growing up that was all I read. I like to paint with a cartoonish style because it makes me believe that it can be possible.ย  In the other hand, one favorite writer – Mr. Twain himself – said that reality is stranger than fiction because fiction has to make sense… he is right, but I still like to mess around with the truth.

โค Becca

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