Villa Hermosa — Sims 3 House Plan

So I have everything ready for the first chapter except this monster right here:


I need this house for the chapter, and I cannot get away from it. I decided I would at least have the outside ready and one or two rooms (the ones that I will show in pictures).

Today it took me 4 hours to build the pool o.O  … no wonder I dread building, although I love creating, go figure!



Here is what hooked me to build a house in Riverview; it just plays so well with the Mellarks descendants of John. I plan to build a horse ranch behind the house in another lot. 😀


Here is a picture of the inspiration for this house. I just want to make clear I’m not copying exactly, just similar… I don’t claim titles of anything, hahaha.

UPDATE — This house is now up for download. Go here!

4 thoughts on “Villa Hermosa — Sims 3 House Plan

  1. Wow, goodjob. That house looks amazing. I’m bad at mansions, they take me a long time. The first one I did was a success but I only did it once since it’s really time consuming!


    • Thanks! And yes, it is!!! It takes a long time to get the house looking right, and that is not counting decorating -_-

      I plan on putting two hrs tonight and 3 to 4 more tomorrow before I get it ready for the chapter. I need the outside done, the entry and any hallway leading to the family room done, also the surrounding areas. Everything else can wait for later.

      Thank you for the comment 🙂


      • Yeah, decorating is probably my least favorite part. I like installing decorations and all that, cause it’s addicting and they all look so good. But for me to actually do it I have to be in the mood for. Haha.

        You still have a lot of work ahead of you though, can’t wait to see how the final results turn out. I’m already amused by the pool ah!! But you’re welcome.



      • I added paint, windows, doors, and roof today. Landscaping, all the deal with the outside is done. Garden, grill, etc… also divided the inside into the rooms I want, all of that. I will paint and decorate only the rooms Im going to use in chapter 1 tonight so that I can at least start posting the first chapter of the legacy while finishing the house -__-

        Hehe, ill post pics later ^ ^


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