High End Loft Crash 3.23.13

So my game crashed today for the second time in about 4 months or so.

I thought I was free of crashes with the NRaas mods but…


Yeah, it sucks!

However I do have the crash analyzer from MODS and apparently the two recent times the game has crashed is because of High End Loft Stuff Pack and something or other about a patch update… I have no idea if it is the update never completed for that SP or if it is that the SP is just plain messed up since I have heard getting games from Origin can be a bad idea, but other than HEL I have no problems with my other EPs and SPs.

I uninstalled HEL and re-installed it; went into the game and so far no crashes. However, several months passed between crashes last time so only time will tell with this one.

I wasted an hour of game playย  -___-

If you have had crashes because of HEL SP please do tell your experience!

Thank you!


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